Marble Responsive Email Designer for Windows 10
Marble helps you design beautiful and mobile-friendly emails and newsletters. This app automatically generates responsive HTML for your mail designs, all you have to do is drag and drop, point and click (zero lines of coding required).

Feature Overview

Visual drag and drag editor

Easy to use drag and drop editor, customize with your own logos, photos and colors.

Mobile-friendly designs

Beautifully crafted, optimized for compatibility with modern email clients and mobile-devices.

Preview email layouts

Built-in Mobile and Desktop preview.

Rich text formatting

Supports beautiful fonts, rich text styling with bullet lists and hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks and action buttons

Create action buttons and web links to your websites. Easily apply links to any photo, button or text.

Customize to your unique theme

Hundreds of gorgeous colors and shades.

Export and share

Export features allows you to export the complete set of source code for your responsive email design.

Responsive sections

Stack-able responsive sections makes it simple to create multi-column designs that auto stack to a single column on mobile mail clients for easy viewing.